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  • Meilun passenger elevator, to human nature as the height, to science and technology as a weapon, to design for the pioneer, in technology and the adoption of a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and computer control technology, the convergence of data network system and modular structure, and use the most effective self-test procedure, so that the elevator system more flexible control accurate, efficient and reasonable
  • Meilun serial freight elevators apply micro-computer computer control technology. It uses high intensity cars that have been designed and manufactured by section materials. It can transport the freight under various awful conditions. Meilun freight elevator carries out the current national standards such as “The Elevator Manufac-ture, Installation Safety Standarards” etc. Meilun freight elevator is your ideal choice in the factory, warehouse, department store, shopping center, housing property management center etc. because of its safe; durable and reliable properties, high structural strength, smooth operation, large door opening distance, high cost perfor-mance and so on.
  • Meilun serial escalators fully apply the novel materials and the advanced domestic and overseas technology for design and manufacture. The escalators have the consummate structure, elaborate stairway, delicate belt, attractive outline, They are widely applicable for large passenger flow areas such as the shopping centers, supermarkets, subways, airports etc. lt adds a charming mobile view for vast constructions.
  • Meilun auto-walk elevates the shopping to a newly concise and comfortable realm, lt not only satisfies the conveying problem of large passenger flow, but also meets the requirements of long-distance walk, carrying luggage cart, baby’ s cart, shopping cart, the vehice for the handicapped etc, lt is greatly convenient for people’ s outing and shopping.
  • Meilun elevator passenger elevator accessories to provide all kinds of service for you, including car decoration and design, steering wheel, outbound, Hall
  • meilun escalator and moving sidewalk equipped with all kinds of decorative and advanced security equipment, and provide all kinds of optional accessories
  • Meilun has perfect after-sales service system, in various provinces and cities nationwide have spare parts warehouse and the most efficient for you with high quality service 24 hours.