"Focus on three decades, sharp future" 2015 Global
May 23, 2015, Shaoxing, China, ushered in the 2015 global marketing summit. From the city, district two leaders and customers around the world about more than 400 people attended the meeting.
At 9:30 in the morning, the meeting in the magnificent propaganda film kicked off, at the beginning of the meeting, Mei wheel Elevator Co., Ltd. chairman Qian Xuelin on behalf of Mr. Mei elevator wheel staff, to friends from all walks of life the afar expressed warm welcome and sincere greetings! In 2014 to give Mei round duty bound to support and help dealer friends, expressed heartfelt thanks. In the subsequent speech, money Dong for in recent years, the company obtained achievements and the future outlook to the general assembly made a report, "attention for thirty years, sharp to create the future," a common outlook. Subsequently, the company marketing director on total review of the annual market from the aspects of the channel construction, brand building and marketing, service and team building. The next year, the industry characteristics and development trend forecast and analysis of the company's ability and vision at the same time, and we explore together with the 2015 Market planning and marketing strategy.
2014, Mei wheel elevator sales revenue of six hundred million yuan, to create a new history. As an elevator industry emerging enterprises Mei elevator wheel withstand tight macro environmental tests and intense competition in the market, and achieved good sales performance. Mei round with their own actions and strength, to witness the Chinese manufacturing industry.
Then enter the topic meeting, Wang total on behalf of the company to the general assembly to do report on the management of the company and the quality, quality is the soul of Meilun products, Mei wheel will continue adhering to the "quality as the core, take the customer as the center" business philosophy, for the majority of customers to provide more quality products and more perfect service.
In the next speech, Mei wheel Elevator Co., Ltd. technical director, engineer, Minister of works in the wake of the speech respectively from the three aspects of R & D technology, electrical technology, engineering after to the conference report, described the company's 2014 achieved results and publish the 2015 target.
The customers and agents represent the final speech, we witnessed the plum round of good market reputation, trust is also a source of Merlot corporate customers to continue moving forward, facing the increasingly fierce competition in 2015, Mei wheel will borrow 30 years of professional manufacturing strength, continue to adhere to the "quality as the core, take the customer as the center of" business philosophy, further innovative technology, improve quality, enhance service, build channels, integrity management, to be more perfect, more cost-effective products, flexible and effective marketing strategy, a comprehensive upgrade of the front support and service system, the difficulties, and actively respond to challenges, to maintain rapid growth in sales, and strive to "Mei round" shaped into a excellent national brand!